FAMLY APP KEeps Parents updated

19th September 19

Teddies Nursery has implemented Famly, the easy to use nursery management software system. Parents simply login to their Famly account to see their child’s learning journals and assessments.

Famly provides parents with a newsfeed from Teddies Nursery which includes updates on the activities the children are taking part in and invoices.

The invoices will show recent transactions including information on childcare voucher payments. This will offer much clearer information on sessions taken and how invoices were calculated.

Famly also enables Teddies to track each child’s development and has replaced the Tapestry software previously deployed.

The Famly App:

The fully encrypted, GDPR-compliant Famly app allows parents to let the nursery know if their child is sick or on holiday with the click of a button.

It offers a personalised feed with pictures, videos, observations and announcements throughout the day. With these real-time updates, straight to mobile, parents are updated on their child’s progress throughout the day.